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Surf-Sales expertise in bikes dates back to the dawn of ATB's in the late 80's, predominently a hobby for most of us, it was only natural when Dakine began building products for the bike market that we expand our offerings in that direction. True to our style of 'only sell it if you're prepared to ride it, or wear the 'T' shirt, we were lucky to secure the most exciting up and coming big mountain, rider owned brand on the planet, Transition, check them out you'll quickly come to the same conclusion, great quality, great performance at great pricing.

Check the UK Transition news site and dealer finder.

To ride Transition and other big mountain freeride bikes our customers will need the best protection on the market, this is where Kali Protectives come in, an exciting young brand with excellent design and production advantages Kali is often stronger lighter and better priced than some of it's competitors, check it out at.

Coming on January 1st 2013, is our service and distribution facility for BOS suspension.

We also distribute the fabulous line of Electra Beach Cruisers and Gents & Ladies Fashion 'Dutch' style cycles, more inofrmation and a dealer finder can be found at.



Board Carry Snow Pack
RRP £ 85.00
Now £ 45.00


Dirt rider 'Tank style' Bike/skate helmet large.
RRP £ 29.99
Now £ 19.99


Amplifi Board & Laptop Carry Back Pack
RRP £ 60.00
Now £ 30.00


Amplifi Wrist Guard
RRP £ 12.99
Now £ 9.99