Easy Uphaul

Easy Uphaul

This american brand is not only genius, its a life saver. They have put everything in to their uphaul product to make Windsurfing as easy as possible. Their patented uphaul lines allow you to lift the sail out of the water, hands free without strain. This is especially exciting news for those beginners out there, there's nothing more tedious than fighting with the water to get the sail up or confidence shattering too. 

The uphaul works by being attached to your body and the mast, you lean back letting the strain lift the sail out, then when you lean to grab the mast, the uphaul self detaches, shrinks to sit close to the mast and you're off. For more info on how it works check the website out: http://www.easy-uphaul.com/photoseq.html and to purchase one of the lines: https://www.surf-sales.com/surfshop/

Please contact Surf Sales on +44 (0)1303 850553 for more information



Airtime is a family a run business that has grown from being an outerwear manufacturer in 1986 to Today's American No1 Kite Repairers and World Leader in Aftermarket Kite Bladders . Their unique selling point is that they're the providers of the only Bladder System capable of working in any inflatable kite ever manufactured.  As they share their home with Dakine in Hood River and the obvious fact that we operate within the Kitesurfing market, we had to partner with these guys. Now we make their repair products and services readily available to the UK Kiteriders.